Berner - Gotti CD
Berner - Gotti CD

Berner - Gotti CD

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Berner's new album GOTTI features many of the biggest names in the culture including Future, Cozmo, Rick Ross, Nas, Jadakiss, Kevin Cossom, Rod Wave, Conway the Machine, Styles P, Benny the Butcher, Ty Dolla $ign, Ryn Nicole, Millyz, Wiz Khalifa, Janelle Marie, and Madeline Lauer. The most prolific standout on the tracklist and muse for the album is John Gotti - infamous Gangster and crime mob leader. Woven throughout the album, with the blessing from the Gotti family, are never before heard audio clips from Gotti’s deposition.

Track Listing:
#1 - Untouchable (Intro) by Berner (feat. John Gotti)
#2 - Draped Up by Berner (feat. Future)
#3 - 1st 48 by Berner (feat. Cozmo)
#4 - Silence by Berner
#5 - Too Many Goats by Berner (feat. Rick Ross, Nas, Jadakiss & Kevin Cossom)
#6 - Lonely At The Top by Berner (feat. Rod Wave)
#7 - Legacy by Berner
#8 - Pound For Pound by Berner (feat. John Gotti, Mozzy, Conway the Machine, Styles P & Benny The Butcher)
#9 - Slow Down by Berner (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
#10 - Zoning by Berner (feat. Ryn Nicole)
#11 - Morals (Interlude) by Berner (feat. John Gotti)
#12 - Bucket List by Berner (feat. Cozmo)
#13 - Next Level by Berner (feat. Millyz)
#14 - Big Chain by Berner (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
#15 - Running Numbers by Berner (feat. Cozmo)
#16 - Pac Vibes by Berner (feat. Cozmo)
#17 - Side Tracked by Berner
#18 - Karma by Berner (feat. Janelle Marie & Madeline Lauer)
#19 - Above The Law (Outro) by Berner (feat. John Gotti)

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