Trap Friday starts this Thursday!


  • Luis

    Placed an order a few days ago have yet to be receive an email of confirmation or anything

  • Kim Mclemore

    CC#259433 I trying to find out about my order status.

  • Big Gup

    What time does trap Friday start? I’m in Florida and we’re 3 hours ahead of cali so I need a time to get online lmao I don’t wanna be sleeping and get caught lackin and not be able to get what I want.

  • VAlero pRide

    I’m sure he didn’t make millions by doing bad business.. i meant !!

  • VAlero PRide

    Sounds like a bunch of haters that are trying to stop his sells . Homeboy is making millions. I’m sure he made it by bad business!!! You don’t get nowhere with that . This is a growing clothing brand Nd weed brands . You can’t stop it . AZ Baby!!!!

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