Holiday 2019 (Part 2) Available Now!

Modeled by Daddex, shot by Phil Emerson.  Click here to shop now!

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  • JUdith on

    Ps . I never received my hoodie that I ordered in December ! That’s why I filed a complaint . I don’t think it’s fair ! I like there store it’s just them not caring about there online customers

  • Judith Robles on

    Hey everyone ! I’ve ordered a hoodie from them in December for a Christmas gift . They said to be patient 2 to 4 weeks . I did , I tried numerous attempts trying to contact through email and no response. I know they are taking everyone’s money who ordered online . You can file a complaint at and let them know . The more people who does it they will take it seriously about his online customers . Thank you ! :/

  • fEndi on

    If you guys payed with PayPal open a dispute, you’ll get your money back if they don’t rely within like 14 days

  • CW on

    I ordered from u guys last month, still haven’t received my items, no tracking number no nothing, todays been 30 days nothin😡

  • Seth Yeager on

    Just cant believe I ordered from here 12/1 and never received any reply to my emails or my ITEMS?! NO REFUND NO ITEMS NO REPLY??? How you expect me to place another order again and get got for few hundo?!? PLEASE REPLY WIT UPDATE AND ILL CONTINUE TO ORDER FROM COOKIESSF ONLINE STORE CC #184961

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