Berner - Something About The West Coast Tour

2/27 - Sacramento - Tickets

2/28 - Santa Cruz - Tickets

2/29 - San Luis Obispo - Tickets

3/1 - Santa Ana - Tickets


  • Jeremiah

    Berner. I know you respect the hustle and grind of someone who has come from selling 1/8 ..1/4..pounds and now I’m trying to get my gear out there. Ive made some dope crosses with your London Bridge..hit a London Bridge male to a 4G female and have been working the line for a few years now. Shit man I’m just trying to use my talent to provide for my kids. Get at me!! @chastain.j.28


    Where is the southern Cali tour 80 percent of Cali Populations in the southern Cali!!! Let that sink in!!

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