Berner “La Plaza” ft. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa prod. RZA (Official Music Video)


  • Robert

    Hey I just wanna say that I love this clothing line and hope to see more, thanks 💯

  • Vincent Luna

    I’m interest of cookies clothing

  • Tony

    Yo one love to everyone on the cookies team! Aspiring cannabis grower from the Midwest here! Let’s open up shop in Chicago I would be honored to represent Cookies 🍪 Let’s create a strain!

  • Chris Alonso

    Yo yo it’s a pleasure to mssg u I’m a big fan of all u guys stand for and do in the game big ups to u also everyone else in the cannibuss culture and can’t forget about the music buisness u guys are real icons so any ways hit me for promo I would really like to aline myself with the right figures in the game blessings in every thing God’s is good 🙏 thank you gracias ttyl 🎃

  • Riah

    Hi! I was wondering if you could send me some promotional stuff like stickers, hats, shirts whatever you got. I really love your company. Thanks for your time my address is 866 Cheyenne St, Lowell Indiana 46356.

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