Cookies x GasHouse LED patch

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Sound activated removeable LED patch 

This is a flashing sound activated LED patch with adjustable sensibility inverter. When you walk, talk, or go to a night club with the patch turned on the Electro Luminescent, panel will flash with any sound or music in real time! it's really pretty cool ! You can turn the sensitivity up or down with the switch on the side. If LED panel is switched on without a break the battery will die within 12 hours. To preserve your battery while driving or flying turn the switch off. 






Cold light referred to as Electro Luminescent, low carbon, energy saving, for environmental protection. Does not produce heat while functioning.

Spot clean the surface only with water.

Do not bend the cords or fold them as it will damage them and cause the connection to be lost from the battery pack.

Do not put more than one battery pack into a single pocket, if you do you risk damaging the cords.

Do not disconnect the patch connection from the battery pack as you could damage the connection.

Only use AAA batteries, when inserting and removing be very gentle as you could damage the battery port.

Do not leave in direct sunlight for long extended periods of time.

These patches are waterproof however please minimize the exposure to water if at all possible.